New Site

My hosting problems are resolved, at least for now, so this site is back online! Here you will find links to my music projects, and very soon my updated design portfolio. There are also probably some blog posts, links to videos, or whatever else I think to put up here. For booking or other inquiries you can contact me using social media via the links up top, or use the contact form to email me.

My music plan for the near future is to play a bunch of live shows. I have enough new songs for the next record but I want to include more people in the process of making it, so I’m trying to figure out how to do that. I will probably record it in 2019, provided we’re all still here.

In the meantime I have resolved to use Soundcloud more to keep putting new songs out there between major releases. I have just posted “Illuminate You”, which was recorded for a compilation and probably won’t go on a record, these sorts of rejected odds and ends are exactly the kind of quality content you can expect going forward.

I’m also, not least of all, working during the day on a big video game featuring That Guy In The Green Suit, and preparing some game design samples to post here, as no job lasts forever. That’s all of my time accounted for, and let’s offer a small mantra here to the Coffee Gods, who keep this whole thing rolling: One more cup.

Thanks and be well!